Southern Terminus to Patagonia

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Saturday morning the 4th of March we headed out towards Utah over 800 miles along the Arizona Trail.
Soda’s mom was trail angeling the last couple of days, housing us, and driving us around for our resupply for the trail. This morning she and a friend drove us out all the way from Tuscon to the Mexican border, too.

Ready to hit the AZ trail

We hiked from the Visitor Center up and down to the southern terminus of the Arizona trail, took a break there and of course took some pictures before we headed out for the first official trail miles. The first day has been really rough, almost only uphill and rugged. We went up to over 9000 feet that day and we definitely felt it while climbing. I only spotted two other hikers actually hiking the AZT. We ended the day at a relatively exposed saddle after 9.8 trail miles. It was super windy and I was totally happy to not have to boil water for my food as I’ll try going stoveless on this trail.

Those first three days have been so diverse, as we walked through desert and snowy sky islands and deep forests, it was hot and cold, windy, sunny and cloudy. Good thing after this intense winter so far we didn’t have issues to find any water. The snow conditions this year on the PCT must be crazy when we already see so much water even in Arizona.



After two 20+ mile days, we ended up in our first trail town Patagonia. Unfortunately, Mash got sick and had to go off trail for a minute to rest, everyone else was already having slight foot pain after this rugged terrain so we decided to already take a zero here.


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