Patagonia to Vail: Blood and sweat

Sorry, leider gibt’s diesen Blog Eintrag nur in English. Danke für dein Verständnis.

We finally hiked out after a good day of rest in the backyard of ‚Trackmeats‘ Uncle and Aunt in Patagonia. The day before we resupplied in the Red Mountain Market, a reasonably priced whole food market in Patagonia. Stocked with healthy food we started climbing up into Coronado National Forest and down to beautiful little canyons and gulches with flowing water.

Landscapes were changing quickly the upcoming day into rolling grassy hills. More and more cacti were showing up along the way.

After about 6 days of hiking through the hot desert sun either of us had bloody boogers or straight up nosebleed. Welcome to the desert.

Covered in sweat and dirt, sticky and still freezing at night…Life on trail, so dirty, so simple, so beautiful.


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