Kearny to Roosevelt Lake Marina: Hail yeah!

Sorry, leider gibt’s diesen Blog Eintrag nur in English. Danke für dein Verständnis.

We reached Kearny right in time for the Pioneer days on the weekend. The hotel there was fully booked but they had a grill-out and offered us rides to the RV park to shower. More or less clean we went on the fair and soaked in all these colorful lights and noises. I ate a funnel cake for the first time as well as a deep-fried Twinkie. Suger sweet Suger.

There’s a free campground near the Kearny lake close by where we camped out for the night. We resupplied and then chilled half of the next day in the shade before we headed back into the desert heat and another waterless stretch.

Along the Gila river up on the mountainside, we hiked into the sunset at still 95°F. Tired and sweaty I was happy about a short break around hiker midnight (9 pm) and carelessly placed myself on the dusty ground. Though my butt not even really touched the ground before I jumped up again screaming with spikes from a cactus stuck in my hiking skirt. This little mean cactus with the long spikes did hide behind a little grass bush…Tztzt.

After getting rid of the spikes and a late night on a ridge the next day we started hiking up in bigger and bigger canyons full of lovely smelling and colorful looking desert flowers. Besides this incredible landscape, I felt like dying to move in the heat with an extended water carry. So no wonder I was passing out immediately on the ground next to pit toilet house at the Picketpost Trailhead.

From there we hitched into Globe to take a shower in a cheap hotel. We’re much dirtier than on the PCT because of the lack of flowing water. Hitching in this state though appears to be quite difficult, getting back to the trailhead was hard. The only person who picked us up was Sophie who was actually going to Roosevelt Lake Marina.

We figured that’s our best bet at this point and we’ll be able to hit up that section later on our way back to Tucson. So we had a nice hiker vacation afternoon with Sophie on the beach of Roosevelt Lake. A big set of thunderstorms was rolling in this night…Happy me my Gossamer Gear Tarp (brand new) did hold up very well. Using our umbrellas we were able to close off one side of the tarp completely and so kept us safe, cozy and dry all night.

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