Walking it off goes bike touring

We set off with the plan of biking from Berlin to Prague and from there pretty much straight through Germany back to my home, in the black forest region.
For days we were struggling strapping our stuff on the bikes so it won’t wobble around while biking and the thought of just not going for a bike ride and instead go hiking was too appealing. The night before our start, we pushed this date further and further, we stayed up until 2am because until this point we haven’t even decided yet on which route to take. We were nervous. Would it work out, would we like it or would it just purely suck with butt pain, boring scenery and no campsites in the wild?
Until this point, one month, after we started, we biked more than 1.500 km from Berlin, via Prague and Pilzen to Regensburg and Munich, into Austria to Innsbruck, up and over the famous Brenner Pass and through the UNESCO world heritage site the Dolomites. The trip has crashed all our expectations and formed a whole new picture of long-distance adventure travel. It is not hiking, no, it’s not the same but at the same time it is also not that different.
Europe offers a lot of incredibly well built and marked bike paths. You’ll certainly find more information about this trip and the bike routes we took by the end of the summer here on

Until then updates of the tour will be shared on Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned 😉

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