Road trip to Sedona: 4 stops we couldn’t miss

The batteries are fully charged, the Van repaired and cleaned. Our road trip across the country to the east-coast can start. First stop: Sedona.

From Tucson, we take the route along the Santa Catalina Mountains and the Arizona Trail. It’s about a 5 hours drive with some well-known stops. The road is lined with Joshua trees and Saguaros, mountains and the typical plateaus rise up in front of us into the blue sky.

Our chosen route is not less scenic than the Arizona trail (800 miles National Scenic Trail) itself and the memories of our own hike on this trail in spring 2017 easily flare up.


It’s is too early to stop in Oracle after we just left Tucson but it is still worth to be mentioned. Oracle and the Chalet Village Motel with its A-frame cabins is interesting for hikers as well as for motorized travelers. The cabins are simple but nice, the owners are super friendly and helpful. They especially love AZT-hikers. Any questions will be answered, such as where to get the best pie. The answer is the Oracle Patio Cafe.

Theodore Roosevelt Lake

Leaving out Oracle we instead stopped at Roosevelt Lake, the largest lake in Arizona. The visitor information center is located on the south side of the lake. Here you can find all necessary information about camping along the lakeshore and get permits if required.

Theodore Roosevelt Lake in spring 2017


We stop in Payson, too. I have to go and get one of the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever eaten from the Pinon cafe. They also serve excellent breakfast for a reasonable price.


We also stop by in Pine at “THAT Brewery” and say hi to the nice lady behind the bar who gave us a ride when we came by while hiking the Arizona trail. They have everything, not only a hiker, could possibly want: burger, fries, beer (check out their Arizona Trail Ale). If you are looking for any kind of accommodation around Pine you’ll be able to get some information here by asking the bar-tenders.

We climb up now to the Mogollon Rim where the desert is pretty much gone. Here are pine trees and even a little bit of snow next to the road. Just in time for the golden hour, we arrive in Sedona. The red sandstone, which surrounds the city, looks even more magical at this time of day. We will now focus on a few days of hiking and dirt-bagging.


Any tips to escape the grey winter? Write me a comment.


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