Colossal cave to Oracle: Lost in time

Sorry, leider gibt’s diesen Blog Eintrag nur in English. Danke für dein Verständnis.

Vail was only a 6-mile hike out from our last camp. The expected package though hasn’t arrived at the post office yet so we spent another night in Tucson, running errands and resupply.

Back from Tucson the next day we started hiking out from Colossal cave through a valley full of Cacti. We met Mash, ‚Snooze button‘ and ‚Track meat‘ again at the bottom of a big 5000 ft climb up to Manning Camp. It went back and forth until we decided to hike up the mountain into the night. Using the full moon as our natural source of light. Huge Tucson was glowing in the dark even being known as a low light city.

We found a water source which wasn’t mentioned in our app in a canyon full of flat boulders. After this hot day hiking through a hot exposed valley this was a welcome place to sleep…In the middle of a huge flat boulder, surrounded by water.

The next day we made it up and over Mica Mountain and stopped by at Manning Camp for lunch. A long decline with incredible views of Mt. Lemmon and the valley including a wildfire lying ahead of us.

The forest service told us via phone that we were safe to go and the trail down in the valley wasn’t affected by the fire.

So we walked into the sun setting over Tucson and the fire burning at the horizon in front of us while the full moon was rising behind us. It looked magical and unreal. Only the wolf howling in front of the moon was missing to make the scenery look perfect.

At Summerhaven up on Mt. Lemmon, we spent the night in the foyer of a public restroom which of course was pretty funny. Five people visited the bathroom during that night. So after only 10 days on the trail, we are actually what’s defined as perfect hiker-trash I guess.

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